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Thursday, July 15, 2010

History and Replacement Gas Grill Parts for Charmglow Barbeque

The Good, Bad And Ugly about Charmglow Grill parts
Charmglow Grills is a name that most people are familiar with.  Models that were produced between 1960 and 1980 could very well still be in use today.  In the old days, if you wanted quality and great construction, Charmglow was the grill that your neighbors would turn green with envy over.
Beatrice Foods Company was one of the first owners that purchased Charmglow Grills during the early1980s and after a string of other owners, they ended up with Sunbeam.  It seemed that every company that touched the Charmglow made some type of changes but all in all, the line of grills remained sustainable and popular.
Charmglow Grills offers magnificent looking models such as the Charmglow 3, 4 and 5 Burner, the Charmglow Firepit, the Charmglow Gourmet, the Charmglow Island and the Charmglow Porcelain.  Shiny and new, these grills will draw your attention in any Home Depot store.  There are models that act as an oven, portable models and those featuring large work areas. 
Brinkmann manufactures some of the Charmglow Grills that are offered at Home Depot.  One of the most charming models is the Charmglow Ducane 3 burner stainless steel grill.  680 inches of cooking space, an EvenPlame system and a side burner for those last minute foods. 
Complaints began surfacing when, in 2004, the name, Charmglow, was sold again to Home Depot and one of the manufacturers was Nexgrill Industries.  In September of 2005, there was a huge recall of 86,000 stainless steel gas grill model 720-0036-HD-05 because the hose that connected the propane tank to the manifold was too close to the firebox, causing damage to the hose and subsequently, causing it to leak gas.  All of these units were sold through Home Depot from November 2004 through June 2005 for around $350.00.
Charmglow Grills are very attractive and inexpensive.  Coupled with the good older reputation of Charmglow Grills, Home Depot certainly thought that they had a winner.  But with a good name comes a standard to uphold.  Unfortunately, the next four years held a lot of disappointment for customers and Home Depot alike. 
Most of the complaints that have been recorded are the poor quality of workmanship that seems to have taken over the Charmglow name.  One of the most noted imperfections are the burners.  Failing to work in less than a year, rusting through beyond use or corroding to worn out pipes.  The grade of stainless steel is less than adequate for a piece of equipment that is expected to be used outdoors.  Also mentioned were welds that broke loose, rusting and flames that shot out of unusual places.  Other complaints include casters that collapse, dangerous loss of propane and totally blowing up.
Nexgrill Industries and Brinkmann are both suppliers of Charmglow replacement parts that can be purchased to totally rebuild your Charmglow Grill and many times the unit is still under warranty, backed by Home Depot.  Unfortunately, the customer is responsible for the shipping fees.  You also have to be sure that the body (which is not stainless steel, only the exterior), will hold together long enough to warrant new parts.
When you decide to shop for the perfect outdoor grill that you expect to last for at least ten years, don't let the brilliance of stainless steel fool you.  There are different grades of stainless steel plus you need to take a look inside and underneath of the model to see what other materials are used.  Knobs can also be misleading if they are of thin plastic that cannot take the heat.  Every model will have a manual that shares the type of parts used.  Go home and do your homework in looking up the manufacturers of these parts. 
Shop at other stores that offer compatible models and compare the differences.  A heavy model as opposed to a model weighing very little should indicate to you that the quality could not be as good.  Parts are going to wear out over time but you need a sturdy body that can withstand years of use.  It is better to settle for a smaller model that costs more than a large model that is not dependable in a year.
A warranty is only as good as what is warranted so be sure that everything is covered.  Necessary parts, shipping and service should not be your responsibility.  Sometimes purchasing a grill that costs under $1000 is not as great as it seems.  Especially when it is broken.    Charmglow Grills are an excellent example of this.