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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New rod tray, replacement heat shield dcs grill parts

DCS, Dynamic Cooking Systems rod trays are the most popular heat shield DCS grill replacement parts we sell.  The stainless steel rod tray and ceramic rods are strong selling replacement parts all year long.  However, many of the older dcs gas grills used a smaller heat shield rod tray.  The older DCS barbeque grill parts are 8 7/8" wide while the newer more popular replacement grill parts are 9 3/4" wide. has just recently acquired DCS replacement rods and rod trays for the older 8 1/2" rods.

These rod tray replacements are for the older gas DCS bbq grills that were 36" and 48" wide.  The rod trays hold the rods that sit above the gas grill burner.  As the barbeque grill heats, the rods absorb and radiate heat to create a radiant grilling surface at the cooking surface of the DCS BBQ grill.  Before infrared grilling was invented, this system invented by Dynamic Coking Systems was the most efficient way to sear food whether cooking inside or grilling outside.

These heat shield rod trays for the 8 1/2" porcelain rods are now available at


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